Less Paperwork

Lower Costs

Better Outcomes

Full Compliance

Is our Applicant Tracking System made for you?

If your organisation is growing, or it has more than one location, or you need an Applicant Tracking System that’s strong on compliance, then you’ve come to the right place. We have the easiest solution available for securely sharing the whole recruitment process between HR and hiring managers.


  • Strip away the admin and recruit effortlessly
  • Reduce your costs with simple, powerful tools and reports
  • Identify your best candidates before your competitors do
  • Protect your organisation with strong and flexible compliance


With CVMinder ATS you can have it all.


What’s more, our online Applicant Tracking System is:


  • Low cost
  • Easy to implement
  • Simple to use


Internal recruiters, HR staff and hiring managers all agree that CVMinder ATS is the easiest Applicant Tracking System available and delivers where others fail.


Find out why

Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral“CVMinder is so simple our Managers started using it without training.”

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Academy of Woodlands

Woodlands Academy “Ofsted was happy with our pre-employment checking on CVMinder”

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Xperian Recruitment Limited

Xperian Recruitment“CVMinder paid for itself in its first year”

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