CVMinder ATS keeps Corbin & King ahead of the fierce recruitment challenge


Executive SummaryCorbin and King

  • 1,000+ staff
  • 30 years of industry reputation
  • 7 restaurants
  • 1 hotel
  • 1 solution

Corbin & King implemented CVMinder ATS to centralise recruitment and speed up the hiring lifecycle. Oliver Smith is the Group Recruitment Manager and is delighted to see evidence of genuine improvements and a more professional approach for the business.  With a more open, transparent and rapid recruitment process, Corbin & King has:

  • Centralised recruitment management for seven restaurants and one hotel
  • Reduced significant levels of administration
  • Collaborated seamlessly between HR and hiring managers
  • Improved advertising to hire performance
  • Generated a genuine return on investment


About the client

Chris Corbin and Jeremy King have been business partners for over 30 years. During that time they have created some of London’s most iconic and best-loved restaurants, including Le Caprice and The Ivy. Corbin & King’s present portfolio of exclusive locations includes the Wolseley, boasting the highest grossing revenue of any UK restaurant, and the five-star Beaumont Hotel in Mayfair. The organisation and its staff maintain their appeal with a strong brand and a passion for delivery excellence.

Catering and Hospitality is a highly competitive market in the UK. With seven restaurants and one hotel, recruiting the right staff is a constant challenge. Oliver has been the Group Recruitment Manger for two and a half years and has responsibility for all vacancies. From Porters to Heads of Finance, Oliver and his team are involved at every stage of the process.


The challenges

Before investing in CVMinder, Oliver believes that Corbin & King was missing a coherent strategy and a central platform for directing and managing recruitment,

“Our central recruitment inbox was frequently overrun with CVs and sometimes people were, unfortunately, being overlooked. Just as much of a problem was the lack of tracking.  Without clear communication between us, we found that more than one of my team might approach the same candidate for different roles.”

Oliver’s key motivation was to ensure that every applicant received the same high quality experience, regardless of the outcome. It was vital that candidate communication echoed the brand image of Corbin & King and that the team worked effectively and efficiently with every applicant.

Maintaining a professional approach to communication across many vacancies and hundreds of applicants was a challenge, but by using CVMinder ATS they were able to design professional templates to support personal and timely responses.


The solution

There are many Applicant Tracking Systems available and Oliver acknowledges that most of them focus on image rather than function,

“It became apparent that a lot of systems concentrate more on their looks and less on their function. We could have spent a significant amount of money on something that looked like it was made by Apple, but not achieved our core objectives”

Oliver’s requirement was for a user-friendly system that was flexible and more easily tailored to their specific needs.

“CVMinder met all of our requirements, as well as being very affordable. It seemed that some of the established vendors were very expensive and much more rigid. That just didn’t suit us.”

Implementing CVMinder ATS took just a day with training and it improved their recruitment process from the outset. It allowed the team to start identifying all of the gaps in their process and address each area to improve productivity. Oliver comments,

“You can immediately see which candidates have been spoken to, who’s been shortlisted and received communication. The whole process is so clear and we can identify any missing action. CVMinder has really helped us to step up our game.”

With a national shortage of talent in the catering industry, Corbin & King believes that CVMinder ATS has helped them to stay ahead of the competition.

It is of real benefit that the system allows each applicant to monitor their application progress in their own CVMinder account and it’s clear that they better understand the employment process.

From a candidate perspective, feedback suggests that they identify Corbin & King as consistent, responsive and professional. Our speed of communication is now terrific.  Even though much of the communication is pre-templated by us, I can send the most appropriate update in a couple of clicks and the candidate is updated instantly.”

The recruitment team shares CVMinder ATS access with Hiring Managers. For each vacancy, the appropriate manager(s) can see that recruitment has started and how the Recruitment Team is progressing.

“If there are ever questions I can show any Manager the people who have applied, the people I have interviewed and the people who are moving forward etc. I believe that is so much better than simply informing them that I am interviewing people. I can quickly evidence the number of applicants and the immediate transparency of CVMinder ATS allows everyone to see just how much work is being done.”

Another time saver is the multi-post capability of CVMinder ATS,

We have 3 separate accounts with and CVMinder uploads each vacancy to the right account automatically. We used to post those by hand so CVMinder ATS save us a considerable amount of time”.


The results

Professional Image

CVMinder ATS has improved Corbin & King’s communication with applicants. Rapid and consistent communication ensures that Oliver’s team is able to more rapidly shortlist the strongest candidates and share them automatically with the relevant Hiring Managers.


Improved Advertise to Hire Performance

CVMinder ATS has reduced the number of administration hours and shortened the time taken from advertising to hire. With a national shortage of talent, Oliver believes that this has placed his recruitment team ahead of the competition. Having a professional, transparent relationship with their former applicants has helped to foster a real talent pool and lots of those regularly reapply,

“Thankfully, lots of people reapply with us and that’s down to great candidate communication by my team, supported by the system. CVMinder ATS helps us to quickly identify any past application history and any outcomes so that we reengage with the strongest people quickly. That is a huge benefit.”


Overall winner

Overall Oliver would have liked to have adopted a system like CVMinder ATS much sooner, but stated that finding a flexible, cost effective system was difficult. Oliver summed up CVMinder ATS in three points, “user-friendly, flexible and simple.”

CVMinder is a natural, easy, streamlined Applicant Tracking Solution and, as proven by Corbin & King, improves outcomes. Real transparency supports all parties, both internal and external, with a clear and concise view of the progress of any vacancy. With excellent customer support and timely delivery of bespoke add-ons from the CVMinder team, Corbin & King is successfully staying ahead its peers in a competitive employment market.

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