Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are readily available these days and it’s time for Catering and Hospitality companies to wake up to the fact that not having one could be fatal. A robust, easy to use ATS provides a genuine advantage over fiercely competitive neighbours in the same industry. It can help you to win the recruitment battle with faster identification of the best applicants, easier candidate courting and smarter tools for staying in touch with great people.

It’s widely understood that the Catering and Hospitality industry has been in the grip of a skills shortage for quite some time. The problem isn’t new, yet the tools and methods to help managers develop better hiring outcomes are available and constantly improving.

Throwing the spotlight on just one of the many roles in Catering, it is expected that by 2022 there will be a shortage of 11,000 chefsᵀ and this problem isn’t just one for the high-end dining scene. Fast food chains like Byronᵀ are pursuing aggressive growth plans, so the fight is on for resources right across the broad spectrum of industry players, meaning that recruitment tactics are going to have to change.

But how can individual companies win in the battle for staff with an increasingly small talent pool without entering a salary war? Other than seeking additional talent from overseas?

Key considerations include HR and Hiring Managers working towards seamless sharing of recruitment activities, easier identification of talent and quicker, smarter applicant communication. Turning your attention to these issues makes Applicant Tracking Systems an imperative.


Improvements in Applicant Tracking

Applicant Tracking Systems have been helping internal recruiters and HR staff in many industries for quite some time. But, they’ve been improving. Not only do modern Applicant Tracking Systems relieve administration with features such as multi-posting and automated shortlisting, but they now help to build, maintain and strengthen a professional company reputation within the employment market.

Fast-tracking your candidates through to hire is a great advantage in the current climate. That’s a great start, but building a consistent, professional brand with jobseekers will turn the tables on your competitors.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you were approached by key candidates at the right time?

Embracing the power of fast, professional communication with every candidate improves the applicant journey and makes every candidate feel valued. Treating every applicant with respect ensures that previous second-place candidates come knocking on your door. We all know that yesterday’s second place candidate could become your first choice tomorrow.


Applicant Tracking for Catering and Hospitality

Corbin & King, the iconic London-based restaurant and hotel Group, has a centralised ATS which makes light work of recruitment for seven restaurants and a hotel. Oliver Smith, Group Recruitment Manager, implemented his ATS just 18 months ago and hasn’t looked back since. In an exclusive interview, Oliver explained how after one day implementation and training, their ATS improved the recruitment process, accelerated turnaround times and reduced administration overheads. He also noted that improved communication with applicants is reinforcing Corbin & King’s brand.

… applicants identify Corbin & King as consistent, responsive and professional. Our speed of communication is now terrific. Our ATS has really helped us up our game and provide a truly transparent candidate journey.”

The upside of timely, clear, professional communication and automated job alerts is that Corbin & King has stronger reapplication rates. In a competitive employment market, that’s a real advantage.

For an organisation with an unrivalled reputation for excellence, delivering accurate, timely feedback to everybody is essential. Corbin & King knows how to build relationships with top candidates and support an ongoing dialogue with the right people. Futureproofing its recruitment pipeline for an inevitable skills squeeze, Corbin & King feels well placed to stay ahead of the competition.


Benefits of Applicant Tracking

It’s clear that current Applicant Tracking Systems provide Catering and Hospitality companies with clear advantages in a competitive employment market;

  • Faster recruitment turnaround
    • Organised, shareable, paperless, slicker internal cooperation
  • Reduced administration overheads
    • No CV uploading, one-click communication, easy reporting and more
  • Quicker identification of top quality candidates
    • Pool them, favourite them, score them, find them, alert them with vacancies
  • Improved candidate journey
    • Consistent candidate experience, candidate login, personal data modification etc.
  • Lower recruitment fees
    • Do it yourself, because your agents sell great candidates to your competitors too

Companies without an ATS may need to think about acquiring one in order to stay comfortably ahead of the competition. If you have one and find it hard to use, inflexible or administratively demanding, it might be time for a change.

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