Recruitment and Employability System for Training Providers

CVMinder HUB is designed for Training Providers to manage apprenticeships, work placements and employability. It’s a secure, online solution that is:

  • low cost
  • simple to deliver
  • easy to use
  • linked with the Government’s Recruit an Apprentice service
  • linked with Apprentice Kent
  • shaped by Colleges like MidKent, Canterbury, Bath and Crawley

Recruitment and Employability combined

The CVMinder HUB Recruitment System comes an optional Employability module, so that you have everything you need in one, central solution. Effortlessly manage an unlimited number of learners with a secure, shareable platform that’s been extended with input from Colleges, Schools and Kent County Council (KCC).

From advertising to placement and with full support for up-skilling everyone, you’ll be improving outcomes and destinations in no time at all.

The benefits of CVMinder HUB for Training Providers

As a College or other Training Provider, managing apprenticeships, work placements and other job opportunities couldn’t be easier. You’ll get:

Help your College Job Shop or Learner Support Services with the tools that save time, reduce costs and improve outcomes.

Targeted Employability Support

Get better results with an Employability support module.  Help learners to successfully apply for and succeed in traineeship, apprenticeship and other vacancy types.

  • Coach CV and Introduction improvements to a robust, common standard
  • Identify interview weaknesses and support improvements
  • Assess each student to identify areas for supportive intervention.

Easiest Learner Support solution available

CVMinder HUB is the perfect choice for Training Providers. It’s

  • Easy to use
  • Fast to implement
  • Simple to scale

Training Providers, Careers Advisors and Business Development Managers agree that the CVMinder HUB get the job done. It combines simple vacancy management and great employability support so that you get better results and improved outcomes.

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