Develop your student’s employability skills

Improve each student’s destination prospects as you harness the power of CVMinder’s Employability suite. Student employability skills assessments combine with easy support for CV construction and interview techniques so that more students achieve successful destinations than ever before. CVMinder HUB is the only product available that offers vacancy management and employability skills support in a single solution for effective targeting of apprenticeships, work placements and other vacancies.


CVMinder’s Employability Skills Suite

Industry Standard Application ProcessApplication form

Emulate your corporate clients with a flexible, electronic application system that prepares students for the journey to work. Supplement personal details, CVs and notes of introduction with ad-hoc questions, light questionnaires or full application forms to strengthen key employability skills and experience. Include student information such as their ID, course and faculty so that everything is in one place to support accurate, informed feedback.


Practice JobsPractice Jobs

Release practice jobs alongside genuine vacancies and invite students to test their skills as they make their first applications. Respond just like they were real and identify areas for improvement or supportive intervention.


Employability Skills Assessmentsemployability skills

Target student support more effectively with CVMinder’s employability skills assessments. Completed online, you’ll develop a clear view of any student’s employability confidence, including arithmetic, communication skills, teamwork and more. Engineered with input from Colleges, Schools and Kent County Council’s employability team, you’ll quickly identify support requirements for individuals, classes or study groups.


Journey to Workjourney to work

Impose an industry-strength framework for reviewing student CVs, introductory statements and interviews. Online and available from anywhere, deliver personal scores and remedial comments that are relevant for the job application challenge of today. Raise employability skills across the board and evidence the improvements.


Easy Student Gradingemployability grading

Develop an employability passport and set benchmarks for grading each student. Implement your grading scheme in CVMinder HUB (Bronze, Silver, Gold for instance) and support access to work placements, apprenticeships and other vacancies by grade.


If you would like to talk to a member of the team about CVMinder HUB and how a recruitment system with employability module could help you please call 01634 202 101 or contact us via our website