Improve your employer relationships with professional information delivery and shared contact information. With easy communication and feedback options that are captured straight into your CVMinder HUB Recruitment System, you’ll be more productive than ever.


How CVMinder HUB improves an employer relationship

Shared Contactsshare

Securely share your most valuable contacts with a rich history of notes, emails and activity to support departmental cooperation and improve results. Review past placements by employer and record additional information such as EDSURN for apprenticeship advertising and external employer status for work placement management.


Easy Applicant Presentationapplicant

Create professional templates for fast, easy, online presentation of applicants to employers directly from your Recruitment System. Include candidate Q&A, personal statements and your candidate summary automatically.  Attach employer-specified application forms or questionnaires and support your safeguarding requirements by anonymising contact information.


Response CaptureOnline applicant tracking

Offer employers the opportunity to respond online in their own time with expressions of interest and helpful comments. Capture and share feedback even when you’re out of the office and make interview requests visible to all of your staff. Your CVMinder HUB Recruitment System will help your team to work as one, more easily than ever.


Activity OverviewActivity Overview

Use your CVMinder HUB Recruitment System to present a top-down view of each employer with up to the minute information on status and activity levels. Review all of their vacancies and check on the status of each candidate presentation. With powerful analysis at your fingertips, determine which employers are the most productive and direct your best efforts to those that demand the greatest attention.


Interested in Employability? Find out how CVMinder HUB Recruitment System’s optional Employability module can help improve each student’s destination prospects.