Get a Recruitment System that connects your students and the general public to the most appropriate vacancies with ease. Selectively upload work placements, apprenticeships and other opportunities to job boards, your own websites and student portals for maximum exposure.


Targeted Vacancy Advertising

With CVMinder HUB, you’ll have a Recruitment System that intelligently targets and alerts specific student groups to ensure that each and every vacancy reaches the right people instantly.


How CVMinder HUB targets your vacancies

Student and Public Vacancies in one Recruitment SystemRecruitment System

Manage student vacancies alongside public apprenticeships with ease and identify your student applicants by their ID, campus, course and work interests. Restrict access to work placements and other opportunities whilst making apprenticeships available to anyone. It’s all made so easy with your CVMinder HUB Recruitment System.


Job Alertsalerts

Let CVMinder HUB learn about the work interests of each student and automatically manage your job alerts. Target additional students by course or work interest with personalised invitations that include a one click link to your vacancy. Extend alerts to other CVMinder users to satisfy the growing demands of an increasingly successful service.


CVMinder Personal AccountCVMinder

Give your students a CVMinder account that can be accessed from anywhere. Allow them to review your vacancies, update personal details, adjust work preferences, refresh CVs and check on the status of applications. It’s all part of the service with your CVMinder HUB Recruitment System.


Social Mediatwitter

Let CVMinder HUB tweet your vacancies and help you engage with a powerful community of interest. Raise awareness more quickly as your Recruitment System automatically promotes your vacancies, each with a handy one-click application link.


Job Boards

Confidently and automatically upload your vacancies to relevant job boards and collect all applicants in one, central Recruitment System. With connections to Recruit an Apprentice (RaP), Apprentice Kent, Gumtree and others, let CVMinder HUB do the hard work for you. With an understanding of each posting requirement, CVMinder HUB can automatically alter title lengths, advert text, industries and more to suit each board.

Multipost Adverts


Feature FrameFeature Frame

Increase awareness with a feature frame to advertise your vacancies on a rolling board anywhere. Place a dedicated monitor in communal areas or in your Job Shop and select those vacancies you wish to promote, directly from your Recruitment System.


Job FeedJob Feed

Get your Techies to build an interface so that you can export selected vacancies from your Recruitment System upon demand. Once completed, you’ll be able to compile a newsletter, bulletin or gazette automatically and extend your advertising reach to any offline community with ease.


Find out how our Recruitment System with class leading Applicant Tracking features can improve help your team do more with less and deliver a first class service to your students and the general public.