Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System

HR Managers and Internal Recruiters demand many benefits from an Applicant Tracking System.  They include:

  • Making recruitment easier
  • Speeding up recruitment
  • Understanding the status of all vacancies
  • Eliminating paper and avoiding GDPR issues
  • Sharing recruitment across departments and offices more easily
  • Achieving better results by identifying good candidates sooner

If these like sound familiar, you may be considering an Applicant Tracking System. There are many systems and they claim to have similar features and wildly differing costs. The following should help you to decide whether to include CVMinder ATS in your Applicant Tracking System review.

Should you include CVMinder ATS in your Applicant Tracking Systems review ?

We believe that the following guide should help you to decide whether CVMinder ATS is right for you:

  1. Are you seeking a solution that manages recruitment from advertising to hire?
  2. Is simplicity of use very important to you?
  3. Do you need to advertise your vacancies on your website and on job boards?
  4. Would you like easy access to candidates and management tools from anywhere?
  5. Is a requirement of your ATS is to support fast, personalised communications?
  6. Do you value the ability to grow your recruitment function without financial penalty?
  7. Would you like a flexible recruitment approach that isn’t hardwired?
  8. Would you prefer flexible user privileges so that you can include colleagues safely in the process?
  9. Is it important to discover how your best applicants are hearing about your vacancies?
  10. Would you like to upload your vacancies to Indeed from your ATS without additional costs?
  11. Will automated uploads to job board such as Monster, Reed, Gumtree, FEJobs or others become important to you?
  12. Do you want to avoid large project fees for delivery?
  13. Is compliance with regulations, including GDPR, important to you?

If you answered “yes” to all of the above, CVMinder ATS should be on your review list. Even though it has comprehensive features, it is considered by our customers to be the easiest Applicant Tracking System available.

What you’ll get with CVMinder ATS

Here’s a top level summary of the Applicant Tracking System benefits you can expect to achieve with CVMinder ATS.

Faster RecruitmentReduced Paper

Save precious time by replacing spreadsheets, overloaded HR inboxes and paper files with the easiest to use Applicant Tracking System available. CVMinder ATS frees up your time as it stores and tracks all events, communications, and compliance data in one location. Empower your organisation to deliver results faster and more securely with CVMinder ATS … find out more

Lower costsReduced Costs

Move away from recruitment agents and manage the whole process yourself. Build a real talent pool and discover where your applicants come from.  Spend your advertising budget more wisely and stay one step ahead of agents and competitors … find out more

Better OutcomesBetter Outcomes

Good applicants don’t hang around for long. Bring your strongest candidates into focus sooner with real-time information sharing, faster selection and easy communications. Use your online Applicant Tracking System to secure the best people before your competitors do …  find out more

Full ComplianceCompliance

Stay compliant by securely managing application forms, equal opportunities and criminal conviction declarations in one system.  Add layers of protection with measured shortlisting, pre-employment checks and data protection policies … find out more

Get all the Applicant Tracking System Benefits you really need

With CVMinder ATS, you can have all the Applicant Tracking System benefits you’re looking for because our customers in education, care, hospitality and the charity sectors have all contributed to the system.