Online Applicant Tracking System for Employers

Take a look at our 50-second overview of CVMinder ATS, the easiest Online Applicant Tracking System available.



Online Applicant Tracking made easy

  • Low cost
  • Easy to implement
  • Simple to use

CVMinder ATS is the easiest Online Applicant Tracking System available.  It supports the whole recruitment process and makes it really simple to share the right information with the right people at the right time.  HR and line managers can work together seamlessly to recruit smarter, improve outcomes and reduce costs. CVMinder ATS gives you lots of easy to use tools so that you can automate advertising to your favourite job boards,  share candidate shortlisting between the right people, record and manage interviews, offers, employment checks and more.

Reasons to buy an online ATS

There are numerous reasons why an organisation might to purchase an Online Applicant Tracking System:

  • You’re growing and recruitment seems pretty costly
  • Staff in more than one location makes recruitment difficult to manage
  • You wish to strengthen compliance and audit because recruitment is regulated
  • Achieving better results by getting through the recruitment workload faster is paramount
  • Move from paper to the 21st century

CVMinder ATS can help

As the easiest Online Applicant Tracking System available, CVMinder ATS can help you to recruit faster and improve outcomes:

  • Low cost with an affordable annual subscription that covers product use, updates and support
  • Securely hosted so it’s easy to use from anywhere
  • Easy to implement so you can concentrate on getting returns rather than making it work
  • Quick to learn simple to use so you can forget about the usual resistance to new technology
  • Does just about everything you’ll need and as we develop new features, you’ll get those too

When we ask our clients what they like most about CVMinder ATS, they tell us that they can:

With CVMinder ATS you get a great Applicant Tracking System with lots of features so that you get outstanding recruitment results.

The easiest Online Applicant Tracking System available

Internal recruiters, HR staff and hiring managers frequently tell us that CVMinder ATS is the easiest online Applicant Tracking System they have ever used. We at XperiSoft are proud of our achievements, but we don;t rest on our laurels. We always welcome comments from our fabulous users and we try hard to respond to their concerns and their suggestions.

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