Recruit Faster with CVMinder ATS

Access your vacancies, applicants and recruiter tools from anywhere. Collaborate easily to recruit faster with CVMinder ATS, the easiest online Applicant Tracking System available.

  • 24-hour access to your Applicant Tracking System so that you can react without delay
  • Individual views & responsibilities so that you can work smarter together
  • Rapid posting, candidate communications, candidate searches and more

In no time at all, you’ll be collaborating without constraints to recruit faster and smarter than ever before.


Talent Spotlighting
Recruit faster as CVMinder ATS highlights best candidates

Speed up recruitment by identifying the strongest candidates faster. CVMinder ATS can highlight which of your applicants are most relevant so that you can work to secure the best talent sooner. Highlight those who dropped out of your process so that you can make changes to improve completion rates for the future.


Easy Shortlisting

Applicant Shortlisting

Give your managers the tools they need so they can sort the best candidates from the rest quickly and efficiently. Offer an easy scoring framework for each job or offer total freedom to make decisions on CVs or Application Forms alone. Store all necessary information in one system so that you can protect sensitive data and offer access to approved users only.


Rapid Communications Recruit faster with rapid candidate communications

Move away from independent email and cooperate online with centralised, shared communications. Create professional templates and respond quickly to all applicants at every stage. From shortlisting to employment, personalise every message so that each applicant journey is tailored and professional.


Applicant HistoryRecruit faster with a full candidate application history

Review new applications from past candidates using a rich history that’s always at your fingertips. Eliminate paper files and save time using online shared notes, interview logs, messages and historical decisions. Do it all securely in your online Applicant Tracking System.


Application forms and CVs onlineRecruit faster with CV, application form and more online

Collect electronic notes of introduction, CVs and application forms with online previews that look just like the originals. Eliminate the problem of confidential waste disposal and share everything you need in one, central online Applicant Tracking System to make fast, accurate decisions.


Auditable Recruitmentevidence

Upload and store candidate documents into secure libraries. Support employment checks with copies of references, DBS, insurances and more as you build an auditable recruitment process. Grant access to authorised employees and let CVMinder ATS deal with data protection automatically.


Talent ManagementRecruit faster with an ATS that finds your best candidates

Find your best candidates faster with CVMinder ATS Talent Lists. Create and share them to recall your most able applicants at any time in the future. An essential for resourcing, you’ll find that Talent Lists are a handy shortcut for quickly reconnecting with great people.


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