Improve Recruitment Outcomes with an Easy Applicant Tracking System

Make a great first impression with a smart, efficient, easy application process. Harness simple, powerful tools to identify the right people faster and secure their employment before your competitors do. The CVMinder ATS Applicant Tracking System will help you to improve recruitment outcomes with ease. Stay in touch with past candidates effortlessly and build favour with a growing talent pool.


Flexible Application Processapplication

Tailor your process with ease to request the most useful information from every applicant. Supplement CVs with ad-hoc questions, light questionnaires or full application forms using simple tools and options. With everything available in one, easy Applicant Tracking System, you’ll be more accurate and informed than ever before.


Application Alerts for Managersalerts

Respond faster with CVMinder ATS alerts. Never miss an applicant again with real-time updates for you and your managers. Quickly identify new candidates for review and work together in your online Applicant Tracking System so that you can ensure they receive the attention they deserve.


Fast Communicationcommunication

Build professional templates and message everyone in seconds. Effortlessly update applicants with personal notifications and status updates at every stage. It’s all available in their individual CVMinder Applicant account.


Shared Shortlistingshortlisting

Sharing one, online Applicant Tracking System, cooperate with your managers to quickly identify key applicants faster. Give managers the tools they need to sort and highlight preferred applicants quickly. With CVMinder ATS you can get the job done from anywhere and all without email and spreadsheets.


Candidate Alerts and Invitationsinvitation

Let your Applicant Tracking System automatically alert past candidates with the most appropriate new vacancies. Search for the best people quickly by identifying past performance, grade, location and more. Supplement alerts with personal invitations that drive candidates straight to your vacancy.


Video Technology IntegrationLaunchPad Video

Integrate with LaunchPad and configure interviews directly within your online Applicant Tracking System. Review video interviews as part of any application and reduce candidate screening time. If you want to know more about LaunchPad for seamless video interview management within CVMinder ATS, click here


If you are regulated by Ofsted, ISI or CQC, find out how our Applicant Tracking System can help ensure you are ready for your next inspection see how CVMinder ATS can ensure your recruitment process is compliant.