Applicant Tracking – Reduce Recruitment Costs

Depend less upon agents and step away from traditional recruitment tactics to reduce recruitment costs. Harness the power of centralised communication, paperless processing and insightful analytics to achieve lower-cost results that can’t be beaten. Work from anywhere at any time and accomplish more with the CVMinder ATS Applicant Tracking System.


Improve Productivityimproved productivity

Save time with rapid shortlisting, one-click communications and lighter administration. Collaborate easily by tailoring access to tools and features that anyone can use. Reduce the workload and your costs as you accelerate and professionalise everything in one secure, shareable Applicant Tracking System.


Multipost – Uploading to Job Boards

Applicants can connect to your vacancies and apply from anywhere. Automatically display jobs on your website, intranet or portal with easily styled plugins that can be inserted in minutes. Post by hand or let CVMinder ATS do the hard work for you with integrated tweets, job board uploads and other export options.

CVMinder ATS multipost uploads vacancies to job boards

Let CVMinder ATS upload your adverts to your job boards for you. CVMinder makes things easy by automatically reviewing your advert to determine how best to post it. For example:

  • CVMinder ATS will determine the correct Role, Subject and Department when posting your advert to eteach and FEJobs, all without additional input.
  • For The Caterer and LeisureJobs, CVMinder ATS will work out the most suitable Job Type.

If you have more than one account with the same job board board, that’s no problem for CVMinder ATS. It handles any number of accounts and let you automate posting rules for each of them.

CVMinder ATS Multipost makes posting your jobs quick and simple. If you advertise on job boards that aren’t supported by Multipost, applicants still arrive in CVMinder ATS. Easy to use CVMinder AdLinks ensure that every application is in one place.


Management Reportingreports

Powerful reports help you to recruit smarter and control your recruitment costs. You get up to the minute analysis of activity, performance and trends. Use your Applicant Tracking System to discover your best candidate sources, demographic attraction, time to recruit and much more. Get deeper insights so that you can spend with confidence and improve your return on investment.


Talent Pool Managementtalent management

Improve recruitment self-sufficiency with easy tools and options to stay in touch with your best candidates. Offer them new vacancies and check your agency submissions for any overlap so that you avoid unnecessary fees.  Reach further for free and alert other CVMinder ATS users looking for vacancies just like yours.


Recruit Onlinepaper and post

Move everything online with an Applicant Tracking System that drives down the costs of stationary, post and waste disposal. Collect documents electronically so that you can preview them in CVMinder ATS just like the originals. Confidently comply with your organisation’s green policies and initiatives with no operational downsides.


Our Applicant Tracking System improves recruitment outcomes. It has a flexible application process that alerts you when new candidates arrive. Find out how CVMinder ATS helps you to identify the right people faster and Improving Recruitment Outcomes