We worked with Educators, Legal Counsel and HR staff to build the easiest and best Applicant Tracking System for Education organisations. Now, recruiting for a School or College has never been easier with an ATS that is made just for you. CVMinder ATS manages advertising to Hire and was awarded Best Value Applicant Tracking System 2017  by Capterra. 

Please note: If you are looking for a recruitment system to manage Apprenticeships, Work Placements and Student Employability, CVMinder HUB is the product for you.



The best Applicant Tracking System for Education

CVMinder ATS has all the bases covered and is considered by its users to be the easiest and best Applicant Tracking System for education recruitment.

  • Advertise your vacancies and post them automatically to your website
  • Automate the expiry of your adverts and prevent further applications
  • Automatically deliver your adverts to your eteach, FEJobs, AOC, Indeed, Reed and other advertising accounts
  • Collect and process all applications in one place
  • Secure your Equal Opportunities and criminal conviction declarations from general review
  • Securely share shortlisting responsibilities for fast, efficient selection
  • Manage interviews and offers with ease
  • Manage all pre-employment checks to ensure Ofsted compliance
  • Give your applicants a personal account and be sure that they have given consent for the upcoming General Data Protection Regulations

Benefits of the best Applicant Tracking System for Education

CVMinder is the easiest Applicant Tracking System for Education and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the price.

  • Significantly reduce unnecessary administration time and cost
  • Share recruitment without printing paper
  • Speed up the identification of the best candidates
  • Ensure safeguarding compliance throughout the process
  • Ensure GDPR compliance

You’ll save money, you’ll have more time and you’ll reduce recruitment costs with CVMinder ATS.

Buying the best Applicant Tracking System for Education

Get access to CVMinder ATS with a low-cost annual subscription. Primary Schools can get all the features they need and can start using CVMinder ATS for as little as £2,850 + VAT per annum.

Delivery and training takes as little as just one day, so you won’t be waiting long to benefit.  At only £500 + VAT per day for services, you can afford to become a system expert and achieve great returns from your ATS investment.

Free ATS Trial

We’re so confident of the CVMinder ATS benefits that we offer a free, no obligation trial to Primary Schools and Secondary Schools. We’ll give you a fully featured solution for 60 days without tie-ins, hidden clauses or gotchas. If you love it, you can start your subscription with the easiest and best Applicant Tracking System for Education. If you’d rather not use CVMinder ATS, we’ll be sorry to see you go, but we”ll give you any applicant data collected during the trial period. What have yo got to lose?

To find out more about how we could help your School or College to recruit more effectively call us on 01634 201 101 or request a call back from our team using the form below.


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