mcch uses CVMinder ATS for care recruitment

“No hesitation in recommending the system”

Caroline Howarth, Head of  HR Shared Services, comments “We process a large number of vacancies and CVMinder has significantly reduced the amount of time spent on data entry and the posting of vacancies on job boards. It has also improved the candidate experience, given us greater visibility on the recruitment journey and reduced non-committed applications.You don’t need a lot of training to use the system and it is pretty self-explanatory even for the non-technologically minded.

We find the level of customer care and engagement with XperiSoft to be excellent and would have no hesitation in recommending the system.



Canterbury Cathedral

“Our Hiring Managers are happy with CVMinder ATS and the speed of shortlisting”

Of all the English Churches still in use, Canterbury Cathedral is the oldest. Alison Brookman, Head of Human Resources, believed that modernising recruitment for such a globally recognised organisation would require care and consideration.  This Case Study was written only a few months after CVMinder ATS delivery, but the benefits are already compelling. Read More


Kent Autistic Trust uses CVMinder ATS for Applicant Tracking

“Amazing Product”

Anna Baker, HR comments “I like that it is easy to use. I like that any question asked is answered and dealt with almost straight away, and that no question is s ‘stupid’ question.  When we have asked for a function to be changed to help support our process it is done, or another option is given. The customer service for us and candidates using the system always has a personal touch and is second to none.  I would highly recommend”.



MidKent College

“It would have been short-sighted if we hadn’t reviewed CVMinder”

Managing recruitment for over 100 vacancies each year and across 2 campuses can be a challenge. MidKent College reviewed a number of systems, but wanted natural cooperation between HR and Hiring Managers a reality. CVMinder ATS was implemented in one day Read More



downside school CVMinder ATS Applicant Tracking System

“Supports improvements to recruitment and candidate management”

The volume of recruitment at Downside is fairly modest, c50-60 hires a year during busy times, but applications numbers are 500+. The roles vary from Nursing to Academic and Support through to Volunteers and Pastoral staff. With such a diverse range of vacancies and applicants we recognised that our hiring process needed to be more efficient in terms of administration, but also more effective in order to attract and engage with a wider pool of candidates and improve the candidate experience.



Woodlands Academy

“Ofsted inspector very impressed with our recruitment system”

“Without CVMinder, The Academy of Woodlands would require additional administrative resources for the recruitment process. It pays for itself very comfortably and addresses all necessary compliances.  What I really like about CVMinder is that recruitment can be managed more effectively by the excellent staff we already have.  There are no downsides.” says Nic Fiddaman, Headteacher. Read More



EKC Group uses CVMinder ATS for recruitment

“Would highly recommend”

“We are very happy to use CVMinder as it addresses all of our Applicant Tracking needs. We receive the personal customer support everyone desires. I would definitely recommend CVMinder to other users”, says Head of HR.