Making Recruitment and Employability easy

XperiSoft Limited is a UK Software House that’s committed to developing all of its products right here, in the South East of England. Every line of code is carefully crafted by full-time employees so that we can avoid offshore or contract developers. We invest in our people and our processes so that we can maintain quality standards throughout.

We deliver recruitment and employability solutions:

  • CVMinder ATS for employers managing recruitment internally
  • CVMinder HUB for Training Providers managing apprenticeships, work placements and employability

CVMinder ATS

CVMinder ATS helps employers to manage the full recruitment lifecycle, from advertising to hire.

  • Advertise your vacancies anywhere and process all applicants in one system
  • Share confidential details securely with line managers
  • Create a consistent shortlisting approach to protect your organisation
  • Do everything faster and communicate with everyone at every stage of the process
  • Manage and audit all employment checks centrally
  • Report on candidate source, equal opportunities and more

Have everything at your fingertips and be ready for your next Ofsted or CQC visit.

CVMinder HUB

If you represent a College or other Training Provider, CVMinder HUB helps you manage your apprenticeships, work placements and much more. Ask about employability support and soft skills assessments.

CVMinder Ambassador Customers

Our customers are our first priority and we listen hard to all of their comments. Ambassador CVMinder customers include Demelza, Bramley Health and mcch in care and MidKent College, EKC Group and Downside in Education. They lead the CVMinder product roadmap. With their help, you’ll get great products that remain relevant to your business.

If you want to know more about our approach or becoming an Abassador CVMinder customer, please feel free to ask us. We’re happy to share.