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If you are an employer, a College or a candidate, please feel free to contact CVMinder Support if you are having an issue. Before you do, you might like to check the following knowledge base:

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Frequently Asked

Can’t access CVMinder

If you can’t access CVMinder please make sure that your internet connection is available and that you can access other websites. If you are confident that you do have access to the internet but you cannot reach or or then please contact CVMinder Support.

Welcome to CVMinder email didn’t arrive

Please check your online junk / online spam folder and move your email to your inbox before taking any further action. It is important that your email system trusts email from as you may receive further emails from employers you register with. If you email is not visible in junk / spam or your clutter folder, please contact CVMinder Support for further assistance.

Used the wrong email address to create my CVMinder jobseeker account

If you used a valid email address that you wish to change, you can update your details in your CVMinder account. Just sign in at

If you opened a CVMinder account with an email address that you do not own then contact us immediately for Support by telephone. Please do not email us your request for assistance, as your sender email address will not match your account email address and we must confirm your identity before correcting your account.

If you have lost access to the email address registered on your CVMinder account, you can still sign into your account using that email address. If you have forgotten your password and you have lost access to the email address registered on your CVMinder account, contact us for support.

Can’t upload an application document

Some employers issue documents that candidates should complete as part of their application. Completed documents may be returned within the specific job Application section of your CVMinder account. Depending upon your web browser, you may see a <choose> or <browse> button that helps you to locate your completed document. If you are experiencing an issue, you should ensure that the document is CLOSED before selecting it. If this does not solve your issue then please contact us for assistance.

Haven’t heard back from the employer

It may take some time for the employer to review your application. You may receive email updates related to shortlisting, interview dates, offers of employment and more. If you do not have access to your email, those messages are also available in your CVMinder Account. If you have any queries about the status of your application, you should direct those to the employer concerned.